Do you know how many hours I have spent making mixtapes?  Too many.  There was nothing like buying brand new blank tapes!  It was like, a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted on.  I spent hours thinking of the perfect song list.  Then, I spent more hours listening to the radio waiting for all those songs to play – and then spent more time to edit out all the commercials.  And then, it took me awhile to write every song name on the 1″ tape label for Side A and Side B.

One more try (Timmy T) Someday (Mariah) Motownphilly (B2Men) Rush rush (Paula A.) Tom’s Diner (?)  Groove is in the heart (Dee-lite) 

Freak, Silk.  Knockin’ da boots, H-town.  Runaway Train, Soul Asylum.  Mr. Wendel, Ar. Development.  Ordinary World, Duran Duran.


The mixtape making just wouldn’t stop.   I made myself a new tape probably every other week.  I made my friends mixtapes.  And when tapes died, I just started making CD mixes. 


Ladies Mix.  CK hits.  CK jams.  Booty music.  80s.  Work out mix.


Why the reminiscing?, you ask.  Well, with the whole wedding planning, our entertainer for the evening asked us to submit a song list.  Happy, Happy!  Joy, Joy!  (In addition to making mixtapes, I made sure to watch every Ren & Stimpy episode.)  JP and I are having fun thinking up the best of the best when it comes to reggae, 80s, dance/pop and oldies!  So far, we’ve listed everything from Bob Marley and Chubby Checker to Michael Jackson and Soft Cell.  Should be good times, people, good times!!


What’s your favorite song to dance to???