The League of Shadows is looking to expand its very select list of elite members for a very big upcoming project directly relating to Gotham City.

We’re a no-nonsense organization looking for those who have experience with any of the following:
Rare flower knowledge
Embracing one’s own darkest fear
Looking really good in black suits
Sword use
Psychopharmacology (access to your own creepy mask a gigantic plus)

If interested, prepare your cover letter, resume, and don business attire immediately: a representative from our Human Resources department is already en route, and will arrive at your domicile shortly. In association with company policy, all candidates who are not accepted or remotely interested in open positions in the LoS who have been exposed to the existence of our organization by reading this job posting will be immediately terminated to maintain secrecy. Ask about our 401k!
JP came across this job advertisement on Craigslist today, and I thought it absolutely necessary to share this with everyone because it’s so freaking funny! Is this for real?! League of Shadows?! What does one put in their cover letter to be a ninja?

Dear HR Manager at LoS,
I am writing to you in response to your ad on Craigslist for ninjas. I’ve recently moved to South Florida, and I am looking to find a job where I can showcase my skills. The prospect of working on a big project in Gotham City is exciting, and I would surely be an asset to the team.

My previous ninja experiences have allowed me to hone my skills in reconnaissance work and sword use. Moreover, I’m currently enrolled in courses on, you guessed it!, rare flowers. What’s more, I look damn good in a black suit.

Enclosed please find my resume, and I look forward to being the right ninja for you.