While driving around with some friends last week, one of them noticed Madonna’s new album, Hard Candy, in the backseat.  He asked, “You still buy CDs?!  I can’t remember the last CD I bought.” 

Hello!  Of course, I STILL buy CDs – especially Madonna CDs!  The only thing I can compare it to is…well, you know the feeling you get when you walk into a spa – calm, excited?  That’s how I feel whenever I walk into a CD store.  I walk in, and I never know what I’ll walk out with.  Maybe it’s a gem like, My Morning Jacket’s Okonos album; or Regina Spektor’s Begin to Hope; or Sasha’s Involver.  And, maybe you get a dud.  Either way, though, you still come out with the experience of tearing off that plastic wrapping, peeling off that plastic sticker (do you know the trick!?), sliding out the sleeve (did they include the lyrics?!  who did they thank!?), and popping out the polycarbonate plastic CD.  Aaahhh!!

Sure, I buy some stuff on iTunes.  But, I only started using iTunes while in Australia (it’s much cheaper than buying a real CD).  While I love the fact that buying music online is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t replace having the CD in hand!

What was the last CD you bought????