One of our tasks in this whole marriage process is to find someone to marry us. 

So, we decided to talk to a pastor.  While we’re not religious people in that we go to church on Sundays and such, we are spiritual people in that we value more than exists in the material world.  We met Pastor X for the first time about a week ago, and again last Friday.  After the first meeting, we weren’t 100% sure that we really connected with him.  The second meeting didn’t clear things up, either.  According to Pastor X, we have not the sense of “marriage in a biblical sense,” thus he would not be willing to marry us.  At least not right now.  OK, understandable.  Therefore, we were ready and willing to attend some sessions with him in the weeks leading up to the marriage. 

Unfortunately, those sessions included some requirements that we just weren’t game for.  Also, we knew we were going to have to bite our tongue upon hearing some of the religious bait thrown at us, but Pastor X said he wasn’t willing to “agree to disagree” with us on some of those things.  

I don’t want to drag this whole issue out here, but the situation has us thinking…I mean, if one isn’t accepting of the differences in people (race, religion, whatever), isn’t that person limiting his or herself in terms of personal growth?

You have to step outside the box once in awhile – even if it’s just so that you have the chance to get back in the box.