This morning, we awoke early and downed a quick cup of joe so that we could be in Ft. Pierce to help bag oysters.  Yes, bag oysters.  My parents (L&H) adopted some oysters a short while ago as part of The Florida Oceanographic Society’s (FOS) Oyster Gardening and Restoration Project.  (FOS is located nearby in Hutchinson Island.)  They were given a batch of oysters in the 5 mm range (that’s tiny), and they’ll hang off their dock growing (and kept from harm) until they reach about 30 mm (sand dollar size).  The oysters will eventually become part of an oyster reef in the neighboring waterways.  (To read about the specifics and benefits, click here.) 

Anywho, we went down to Ft. Pierce to help the people at the FOS in bagging oyster shells (just shells – dontated from surrounding restaurants – not live oysters), which will be used to create an artificial reef.  The work was physical as we were shovelling shells into 5-gallon buckets and bagging them, then organizing them into rows after rows.  But, it was fun!  It was nice to get sweaty and meet new people, and do a good thing!  The organizers seemed very grateful that we volunteered our time. 

What’s more, we got in a few minutes to “network.”  (I hate that word as both a noun and a verb.)  How ironic would it be to find a paying job as a result of doing a volunteer job!?

As we learned in The Sound of Music…Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could.  So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.  (You didn’t think Maria and the Captain had so much to teach us, did you!?  Haha!!)  Well, today we did our good.