It’s crunch time. That means, we are now in full job-hunting mode. We have been sending resumes out here and there throughout the week, but our focus has been on finishing our DIY home project (read: painting the exterior of a house; read further: much harder than originally thought, however, still quite fun). Since Monday was a holiday, we decided to take the day off from both job-hunting and house-painting. Instead, we opted for day at the beach with nephew, then some good eats with family. Being able to do things like that makes us glad we’re back in the same hemisphere as our family.

However, the three-day weekend is over, and now it’s time for us to get aggressive. Job-seeking is a bitch. It’s annoying, stressful, tiring…and many other adjectives that I’m too tired to spell out right now. While we love not working (I mean, despite not having a job, we seem to be staying quite busy), we are not loving the burning hole it’s leaving in our bank accounts. And, the little motivators like gas spiking above the $4 mark this weekend, are just what we need to get ourselves in jobby-job mode.

Ahhh, work. The vicious cycle. Society makes us believe that without work, well, that we’re nothing. We would have no answer when people ask us the ultimate nothing-else-to-say-so-I-will-ask-about-your-career question, “So, what do you do?” In truth, expelling a response such as, “Nothing” or “Just hanging out” elicits a much more exciting conversation than had I answered “Account executive” or “Manager.” Of course, the latter two responses would mean I had more money in my pocket. Life is a bitch. Again, what happened to the barter system!?

So, if you have a job suggestion for us, hollaback. If nothing comes through soon, we may have to resort to being sign spinners (yes, that’s a real job you can have).