Given the current economic slump (both, globally and personally), it hardly seems right to be planning a wedding (read: spend that much money for ONE day). Oh well. We gotta do what we gotta do, right? Tis’ the season of engagments, showers and weddings! We have a wedding to attend in June, one in November, plus our own to hold soon. I bought one of those planner things yesterday, and it looks like I might have some things to pencil pen in there!

As for other news, we’re settling back into Florida. Hurrah for the heat! However, I realize I need to go shopping for shorts. Also, it’s been great to spend time with family. Dinners with the rents, nephews’ baseball games, errands with the brother. It’s been good. And, we took a ride down to Deerfield Beach the other day. It was great to see the ol’ hood all spruced up with new restaurants and sprinkled with long-time faves (Island Water Sports – they still have Midnight Madness; the Whale’s Rib (lobster bisque,whale fries and a fish sammy are perennial faves).

You know, it’s just been really nice to be back in America. Shortly after arriving back from Australia, I remember being in some public bathroom somewhere and thinking, “Hey, toilet seat covers!” It’s the small things you miss most 😉 And, on our second day in Portland, we hit up a strip mall. Nothing screams America more than a good strip mall. Seriously, we got sushi, new clothes and a mobile phone – and didn’t have to leave a 400-yard radius. The United States of Convenience. Love it or loathe it, it is what it is.

Speaking of Australia, though, we totally miss it! I miss hearing the accent. In fact, I called the Australian Consulate in Atlanta, GA, the other day, and I wanted to keep talking to the rep just so I could soak in some of that Aussie speak! (Why was I calling the Australian Consulate, you may be asking. Well, we have some paperwork that needs to be certified by someone at the Consulate in order for JP to apply for payment of the superannuation he earned from work. Superannuation is the pension scheme in Australia whereby employers are required by law to pay into at a rate of 9%.) Of course, I miss the yummy Thai food, too.

Anywho, thanks to all who continue to stop by and give us encouragement and love 🙂 I’ll try to keep the blog going, at least for now considering I don’t really have a job. Ahhh, work. That’s a whole other story….for next time!