Wow is the word. It’s amazing how one country can hold such differences in landscape! We left Joshua Tree after just one night there (in retrospect, we should have stayed two! Next time!). Anywho, the road to Zion was a lonley stretch of highway, but nonetheless, amazing in terms of scenery. As soon as we got close to Zion, passing over the Virgin River (at 200 miles in length, according to our informative shuttle driver, it’s the 2nd longest undammed river in the West – the first is Yellowstone River), the blue skies suddenly filled with huge red and white monoliths. It’s breathtaking! One minute we’re cruising the highway through Las Vegas (I know, I know…I can’t believe we passed it up, either!), and the next minute we’re driving through canyons.

We made an executive decision to stay at Zion longer than originally thought. Our thinking was, “drive less, explore more.” Although Primetime had been performing really well, we didn’t want to push him. He loves the highway, but we thought he would appreciate the rest. And, it was a good move on our part to stick it out at Zion. We spent three nights there, and it allowed us to relax and really experience the park. Of course, we were sad to miss out on some of the other national parks nearby (Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands), but…we gotta save some stuff for our next trip, right!?
Anywho, Zion was good to us. We got to kick it at the campground at a more leisurely pace than usual, and we were able to do many of the short hikes. On day two, we decided to tackle Angels Landing Trail. Let me tell you, that hike kicked our arse! It was a five-mile trail that took us to a peak elevation of 5,785′ – not for those afraid of heights!

**Next stop – GRAND CANYON!!