While we may not be the most efficient or tidy campers out there, we’ve certainly picked the best time to give camping a go. Most of the parks we’ve visited haven’t been very busy, and the same goes for the campsites. From what we hear, it starts to get hella busy at the parks around Memorial Day weekend. In fact, the busiest parks we have visited were the two of the most popular parks in the United States – Grand Canyon (about 4 million visitors a year) and Zion (about 2.7 million a year).

We’ve camped in both basic campgrounds and RV parks. Our first stop in Roseburg, Oregon was at a RV park and it had electric and water hook ups. Next, at Redwood National Park, we got a $20 campsite by the river, flush toilets and showers; but, no electricity or water. In Joshua Tree, we paid $10 for a campsite that had a fire pit and picnic table, and a toilet (read: hole in the ground) across the way and no showers. During our stay at Zion, we hit up both a campground and RV park.

Camping is what camping is. And so far, it’s been fun and an experience. It takes a lot of teamwork and communication, and above all, as Chris Rock said once, “Sometimes you just gotta let shit slide!” I mean, there were nights when we were so tired that showering was arduous; there were mornings it was too cold to make a real brekkie; and, there were days (everyday!) we didn’t want to do dishes.

All in all, though, I guess those are the things that make camping.