Note to self: Do not attempt to arrive in a big city that you’ve never before visited at 5:30 p.m.

Yeah, that’s exactly how we rolled into San Francisco. Have you ever driven in downtown San Francisco on Friday rush hour? Insane. But, we did it. We actually splurged in San Fran by getting a hotel in downtown. It was a nice treat after our first couple bouts of camping. Although camping is incredible, so is a king size bed with a goose feather down comforter 🙂

San Francisco was really cool. Busy, but really cool. Also, a great place to burn a fat hole in your wallet. In other words, not a good place for people without jobs to visit. Adidas, Aldo, Old Navy, Nordstroms, Macy’s, Tiffany’s….every store you can think of is there. And, let’s not forget to talk about the food. We ate dinner one night at this great noodle joint. Nothing beats a huge bowl of chicken soup when the outside temp is like 50F (something like that, plus windy!). The next night we had, you bet, Mexican. Margaritas, black beans and rice, a burrito, and – to top it all off – an Asian guy doing some pretty good karoke to Neil Diamond. Sweet!

Oh yeah, and we spotted Tommy Lee down by the Wharf in San Francisco!

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