Sorry for the delay in posts! Here’s a report of our 1st stop on the JPCK USA Road Trip 2008 – SEATTLE, WA.

We left Portland ready to make our way to Seattle. It was our maiden voyage so to speak – a test run. We named our vehicle Primetime, and he’s quite a looker from the outside – red 94 Dodge van, complete with four captain’s chairs and packed to the brim with all of our shit – but, on the inside, well, let’s just say he’s no Rambo. Our journey was going well, so we stopped for a break in Tacoma, WA, which is maybe 40-45 minutes outside of Seattle. Then, our fears came true – our first breakdown! Talk about the shits. Long story short, though, it was just a minor thing (something like the ground to the battery was loose?!).

Introducing, Primetime!

Finally, though, Primetime made its way to Seattle. We came to Sea-town to visit our friends E and D who about six weeks ago became E and D and L. So, firstly, massive thanks and big high fives to them for hosting guests while being sleep-deprived newbie parents. Now, secondly, the sights of Seattle. Even amidst the almost-constant rain and lower-than-we-like temps, we were able to enjoy the city. Seattle is like a much bigger Portland in that it is a grid-based city with several individual boroughs, each one bringing a unique character to the table; historical sights; mountain peaks; and famous dwellers. We tried to fit in as much sightseeing as possible in Seattle, and I think we did all right 🙂

1. Tracked down and drove by Kurt Cobain’s house. (Nice pile of bricks.)

2. Hung out at the famous Pike Place Market. (Fish-throwing and all – awesome!)

3. Ate grilled cheese sammys and homemade soups at Beecher’s and watched the making of artisan cheese. (Feeble attempt to get warm.)

4. Walked around Capitol Hill and ordered a cuppa from a renowned little coffee place, Espresso Vivace. (We heard you have to work there like, 8 months or something, before you’re even allowed to make coffee. True? Rumor? Who knows, but it was a really good latte.)

5. Saw the Seattle skyneedle.

6. Visited Gasworks Park. (A very cool site – the site used to be a refinery plant of some sort, and now it’s a huge park with great views of the Seattle skyline.)