Well, unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to get up to Darwin.  When we do, though, note to self:  don’t swim in any Outback creeks!

 “A man rescued his wife from the jaws of a [2.5-meter, or 8-foot,] crocodile in remote northern Australia by jumping on its back, police said Thursday.”

Read the whole story on CNN.com here.


In other news, we’re at T-minus 4 days until we leave Australia, and we’re both officially unemployed as of Friday 5 p.m.  Jobless & homeless – not such a good combo, huh?  We’re going to treat the upcoming weeks as more of a life “sabatical.”  You know, focus on the inner self and other good hippie-hippie shake-shake stuff like that. 

And, what’s a sabatical without seeing friends and family!?  Our first stop is Portland, Oregon.   Home to beautiful scenery, and what’s more, my brother!  We also have some other friends and family kickin’ it on the West Coast, so hopefully we can make our rounds.  And, MEXICAN FOOD – we can’t wait!  I’ve already got my first meal in mind…mmm, mmm…  JP is looking forward to a Boar’s Head meat sub as well.

It’s going to be reverse culture shock going back to the U.S.  Just when you think you are totally (well, maybe not totally)content, the switch is flipped.  That’s how we roll; change is good.   Hearing that American accent will be nice – and surreal.  To live in a society where nobody talks the way you do is, well, crazy…and frustrating at times.  It’s weird, too, when you start to use it yourself. 

How are you? has become How you going? 

Instead of getting take out, we get take away

We don’t fill the tank with gas, rather it’s petrol

Bye has been replaced with See ya.

Oh, it’s going to be yet another experience to add to the books fo’ sho!