Who says you can’t wear white in winter?

Who says you have to put syrup on pancakes?

Who says you need to stop eating carbs?

Really, who? Is it they? Because They always seem to have something to say. Like, “They told me it was okay to mix margaritas and red wine in one sitting.” Or, “They said if I tight roll my jeans, I’d be cool.”

Sometimes, though, They have it right. For instance, I heard They said that “fusion foods” were becoming a hit. So, we gave it a go tonight. However, the attempt ended up more a “fusion OF food AND drink” – Mojitos and Indian food. Who says Cuba and India aren’t similar? Who says they wouldn’t be good together?

Anywho, we tried to find a mojito mix, but couldn’t find one. Mix drinks such as margaritas and mojitos are not so popular in Australia. So we muddled, stirred and shook our own mint, lime, sugar, ice, rum and soda water. Wa-la! Mojitos. (Ahhh, Cuba. Someday you might let us Americans in your beautiful country, and then we can find out what a real mjoitos is like…) As for food, our friends came over and managed to whip up some yum-o vegetable curry with mash type of dish, and butter chicken with taziki (sp?) sauce. Despite the country of origin of the food and drink being quite far apart, they went well together. Not like PB&J well, but you know what I mean. We’re just saying here, that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up once in a while. So what if you want wonton soup and lasagna!? DO IT!!

You come to realize that, in the end, it’s not how well the food and drink went together, rather it’s how much fun everyone had consuming it together!

While we’re still on the subject of food, JP and I hit up a new Vietnamese restaurant this weekend that we’ve been keen to try – Pho Saigon, in Broadbeach. Going out to dinner in Australia, and specifically Broadbeach, means we can choose from the following – Indian, Italian, Asian (Japanese, Vietamese, Thai, and, if you walk over a block to the highway, Korean), or Australian. And, by Australian, it means the menu will usually include the following: a risotto dish, a pumpkin salad, a prawn dish, an Asian beef salad, and steak.

So, back to Pho Saigon – it was really good! Corn & Chicken soup (not sure if it’s typically Vientamese, though, as I see this dish on many Asian restaurants’ menus); Chicken with lemongrass and chili; and Sizzling seafood. The star of the night, though, was the dessert – fried ice cream. (“I can hear you getting fatter!” – from Tommy Boy) JP gave it Two Yums Up! Fo’ sho’!!!


And, in totally un-related to food news, we want to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dad (JP’s dad). We love and miss you, and hope you have a fantastic birthday!