We all know Paul Hogan, kangaroos, Steve Irwin, Nicole Kidman and dingos are Australian. But, here are a few more things associated with Australia that maybe you didn’t know.

–The Starter Wife. It’s supposed to take place in Hollywood or L.A., right? But, it was filmed right here on the Gold Coast. (Is this show popular/doing well in U.S.?)

–Rachel Griffiths, the chick from Six Feet Under and currently, Brothers & Sisters. She was also in the Aussie movie Muriel’s Wedding with fellow Aussie Toni Collette. If you like cheesy romantic comedies or ABBA, I recommend renting Muriel’s Wedding, which was filmed on the Gold Coast and in Sydney.

–“Black Box” flight recorder. Yep, invented by Aussie David Warren in 1953.

–AC/DC. They’re from Scotland, but they moved to Sydney and that’s where the band formed.

Rupert Murdoch, an Aussie-born media mogul billionaire. His company, News Corporation, publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post; founded Star (yeah, you know you read it in line at the grocery store); owns Fox Network

–Fool’s Gold. Yeah, that’s not the Bahamas – it’s Queensland.