When I was in middle school, my mom caught me smoking a cigarette outside my bedroom window (she loves reminding me of this story). She probably just smelled the smoke, but at the time, I thought it was an insane Mother’s Intuition or something closely resembling a Superman-like power. Anyway, I felt really bad about that situation, which is good because to this day, I have never become a smoker.

What a fortunate money-saving trick being a non-smoker turned out to be. A pack of cigarettes in Australia will put you back anywhere from $12-20! In an effort to suppress smokers and alcoholics, I suppose, Australia adds a crazy high tax on these items. In 2008, the tax on a 25-pack of cigarettes will increase $0.10 to $6.19 – that’s just tax!!

On top of price, the Australian government has mandated that lovely graphics of lung disease, clogged arteries, rotting teeth, etc… are to be put on cigarettte boxes. Law states that 30% of the front of the box and 90% of the back are to be covered in health warnings.

Take a look-see:

Would that stop you from buying a pack of cigarettes??