What an interesting road U.S Politics has been on lately, huh!?

Although I’m certainly no political pundit, I am missing out on hearing the reactions of Americans to the current drama-mama race to Presidency. The whole world is interested in what’s going on with McCain, Obama and Clinton, and it’s amazing to hear what the Aussies are saying about the whole thing. For the most part, Aussies despise Bush (well, at least his policies), and they are looking forward to a fresh face representing America. However, I sense that they don’t think America is ready for either a interracial president or a female president.

Anywho, they show the News Hour with Jim Leher on TV here, so I catch some U.S. opinions there. But, it’s not really the same as actually hearing the sentiment of the American people. Oh, I can only imagine what the water cooler talk would be in Jacksonville.

So, what’s the crowd feeling where you are?!?