So, Leap Year Weekend. Apparently the thing to do is for women to propose to men?! I didn’t know that. Really, it’s 2008, why are we soooo surprised becuase a woman does something!? We have a woman running for PRESIDENT, yet it’s newsworthy that some woman proposes to a man….anywho.
JP was feeling ill on Friday & Saturday; his office was filled with sickies last week, so it was inevitable. Friday night we just had dinner with friends. Saturday, JP was still a little ill. I went to the chemist and loaded up with Robitussing and cough drops. Saturday night I made it down to Surfer’s Paradise with friends. First, it’s still weird to go out and be the only Yank. It’s so funny the questions they ask and their perceptions of America/Americans. Second, Surfer’s Paradise is crazy! I think if I were 18, I would really like that place. However, at 27, it just seemed way touristy (read, drunk foreigners & cheesy music). I don’t mind touristy, especially after so many drinks, but…it’s not on my To-Do-Again list.
We made it down to Snapper Rocks on Sunday to catch Round 3 of the Quiksilver Pro 2008. It was crazy cool. The crowd was huge…the event was called off Saturday (no waves), so everyone was out on Sunday. People were just set up like it was a football game – chairs, binoculars, beer…. Plus, the crowd was extra excited because Australians’ favorite was surfing today – Mick Fanning. When Mick got in the water, it was like a group sigh. Every turn he made, the crowd went wild! Well, he’s not the current World Champion for nothing 😉

Sunday night, we went and saw We Own the Night. It was pretty good, particularly Joaquin Phoenix. Really, he keeps getting better….

And, that was our weekend 🙂 Hope you all had a great one!!

Here are some pics from the Quiksilver Pro:

*I believe this is Jordy Smith – surfer from South Africa – who defeated American Bobby Martinez. Crazy how close the fans can get, huh!?

*the crowd