It’s good news/bad news I guess; the Australian Dollar has hit a 24-year high against the US Dollar. The Australian Dollar hit $0.9502, which means it’s a great time for Aussies to visit the Land of the Free, and even better for Americans to visit the Land Down Under. Back in May 2007 when we arrived in AU, the exchange rate was like, $1USD = ~$0.89. Boo!
But now, hooray!

Of course, that’s not really good news for the US economy, but…Hooray! for tourists! And, I guess Hooray! for the Austrailian economy.

Speaking of money, take a look at the differences between AU coins and US coins:

OK, let’s say you have never been to America, you go there for a visit, you trade in your currency for some US greenbacks, buy a hot dog, pay with a $5 bill, then you get handed back some $1 bills and a bunch of coins! What do you do with the coins?! On the US coin, there is no numerical mention of how much these things are worth. The quarter does say “Quarter Dollar”, so I guess you could figure that might be worth $0.25, but…what how the hell are you supposed to know what a dime, or a nickel is?!?