So, for the last couple of weeks, the weather on the Gold Coast has been really nice – I mean, for summer. The temps have been haning around the 24-ish mark during the day, and a bit cooler at night. But, then! we woke up Saturday and it was hot. Seriously. The hottest day we’ve experienced so far; I believe the temp hit 36C (96-97F). In an effort to try and cool off, we decided to hit up the Currumbin Rock Pools. Located in Currumbin and just 10k or so from the highway, we thought it would be a nice alternative to the beach for a day.
We got off to a late start, but when we reached the CRP, there were still quite a few people there. It was pretty cool; everybody was just hanging out, swimming, catching sun, at the BBQs, etc…. Oh yeah, and people jumping off the rocks into the pools.
JP was the first to jump in, and when I asked how the water temp was, he replied, “Uh, refreshing” (read: cold). Usually I would avoid such “refreshing” water temps, but it was really hot out and I didn’t want to miss out swimming in a pool of fresh, mountain water. And, although it was a bit cool to the toes, it wasn’t bad once you were in.

Currumbin Rock Pools


In other news, I have to wait until tonight for the Oscars (our Monday night, which is weird…b/c the Oscars have always meant Sunday to me), and of course, everybody in Australia can’t say “Oscars” without saying “Cate Blanchett.” It’s just how Australians do – they back their own, all the way. Even though most of the critics aren’t putting Cate as a frontrunner in either category she’s nominated in, they will still discuss how awesome she is. Granted, she is pretty awesome. Did you know that Cate (yes, I’m on a first name basis with her) was born in Victoria, and today, her and her husband are the artistic directors for the Sydney Opera House? (Thank you, IMDb.)