While on hold during a call to the Australian immigration office, the message that played in my ear for at least 10 minutes straight was about Sorry Day.

Sorry Day? Frankly, well, it sounds…sorry. Like, I’m sure streamers and ice-cream cake are NOT associated with this particular day. But, seriously, what is this Sorry Day that is apologizing to the Stolen generation? Well….

Between 1910 and 1970 up to 100,000 Aboriginal children were taken forcibly or under duress from their families by police or welfare officers. They were taken because it was Federal and State Government policy that Aboriginal children – especially those of mixed Aboriginal and European descent – should be removed from their parents.
Parents were not told where their children were and could not trace them.
The main motive was to ‘assimilate’ Aboriginal children into European society over one or two generations by denying and destroying their Aboriginality.
Most were raised in Church or state institutions. Some were fostered or adopted by white parents.
Between 10 and 30% of all Aboriginal children were removed, and in some places these policies continued into the 1970s

Obviously, there is so much more to this, but…wow, huh!?

Goes to show you that, no matter what bodies of water surround you, what mountains border you, or what government defines you, hate is everywhere. Prejudice is part of being human, for better or for worse. Rather than try to hide or deny it, we should accept it and try to understand it. People get off their rocker if someone calls them the R word – racist. (Or, any other -ist, for that matter!) But, why? Is it because they’re so afraid to accept something by which they define themselves as not being? Maybe.