Aside from the fact that we know how to drive a car, we’re not much into cars. So, it’s funny we should find ourselves watching a BBC program called Top Gear.

Anywho, it was hilarious. The show was doing a US special, so we had to watch. It was 3 British (?) guys taking on American classics – a caddy, a dodge truck and a camaro – and driving them from Florida to Louisiana. The highlights include:

-one guy riding up with a dead cow strapped to the roof of his camaro.
-the trio driving through Alabama with these slogans painted on their cars: Man love rules, Hillary for President, Country Music Rubbish and Nascar sucks.
-the trio almost getting their arse whooped by some rednecks
-testing the acceleration/braking of the Dodge truck (it involved a swamp-like body of water and alligators…)