Our first Australia Day – Woo-hooo! (AU Day is to Aussies what July 4 is to Americans…kind of. Basically, it’s just a celebration of being Australian.) We really wanted to experience this holiday for all it is…so, first, we went out and bought our first cricket set – 1 ball, 1 bat, 4 stumps & bail. Second, we planned a barbie (BBQ) – kebabs (they laughed when we called them shish kebabs!), shrimp prawns, vegs. And last but not least, we bought beer. Lots of XXXX Gold as that’s like the unofficial beer of Queensland, and some Hahn’s Super Dry for variety.

Well, it was an awesome Australia Day for sure. Broadbeach Park was already pretty busy by the time we got there at 11am, and all the tables were taken. So, we set up our own table & chairs. Sweet! The Aussies do not joke about AU Day…they are decked out in Aussie flags, Aussie flag boardies & bandanas, AU shirts, their own grill…seriously, everything.

Some random Aussies in the park:

People everywhere were joining forces and playing volleyball, frisbee, rugby, cricket…even some American football (which is referred to as grid iron here). JP was kindly passing out some advice on how to throw a grid iron football 🙂 And, despite the amount of alcohol being consumed everywhere, the vibe remained friendly and fun – no fights.

Some of the activities going on in Broadbeach Park – the Aussie slip ‘n slide:

The celebration lasted until…umm…after sunset…and it was a great day! Go Australia Day!