Yes, Australia is in mourning because the young, talented Heath Ledger passed away suddenly.

However, what is even sadder, is Entertainment Tonight’s coverage of the news. I flipped on the tv during breakfast today, and it was awful to see how they reported this story….do we really need to see a picture of his dead body being dragged away on a stretcher?! Do you really care what was going on every minute after his death was reported? Someone has died here, people, it’s not a f***ing sporting event that requires minute-by-minute reports of who, what, when.
Not that I’m surprised by this type of media, though. The insane-ness that surrounded the death of Anna Nicole has now given DEATH just as much notoriety as LIVING.
Anywho, I just feel very sad for his family (his parents live in Perth, Western Australia), supposedly they heard of their son’s death on the radio!

Well, at least HL has left us with a few gems to remember him by.
Brokeback Mountain.
10 Things I Hate About You (I will watch that movie as many times as TBS is compelled to show it!).
Lords of Dogtown.