Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that Australians think of Americans as a bunch of valley girls and cowboys. (Uh, thanks Hollywood.)


Actual conversation:

CK: Do you know where the toilets are?

Random girl: Yeah, follow me. I need to go, too.

CK: Awesome.

Rg: Ooh! Are you Canadian!?

CK: No. I’m from America.

Rg: Ooh! Can I do my best American accent for you?!

CK: Umm, sure. Are these the toilets? Damn, the door is locked!

Rg: OK, here it goes. “So, like, I’m totally talking American. Like, is this how everyone talks?

CK: What?! No. I mean, I guess it depends on where you are…and what decade you’re in.


And, everyone at JP’s work jokes with him by saying, “God dammit, Justin!” in their best country twang. That reminds me, here’s some new Aussie slang – BOGAN, a redneck. What’s more, Australians hate when Americans stereotype that all Australians ride to school on kangaroos and look like Crocodile Dundee.

Of course, we only make this discovery after they ask us first if we are Canadian – because they can’t tell the accents apart. Oh really, eh!? Haha!

Anywho, that’s my $0.02 there. Otherwise, all’s good in Australia. Between the rain and the heat, the humidity is rolling in like a mo’ fo’ and JP is dying to stop sweating. Our truck is still rolling, which is another plus. It’s been nice to drive to the grocery store and be able to buy more than one bag of food b/c I know I don’t have to walk home with it.

On a totally un-related to Australia note, Tom Cruise is loco. I just saw a clip of Cruise’s Scientology rant, and mostly, well, I just thought it was funny. Like, scary-funny. He’s really no more off the hook than any Christian Evangelical (have you seen the movie Jesus Camp?!) or other extreme religious person/group. The real question here, folks, is how could you believe in something founded by a man that looks like…Col. Mustard who did it in the Observatory with the Candlestick