(*OK, I’ve decided to split up my posts about our Auckland-Sydney Cruise. I think the “one page” format is too much.)

(December 10)


OK, this was one of (I think) everyone’s favorite stops. We decided to rent a car and make our way to Rotorua, which is about a 45-min drive from the Port of Tauranga. With promises of Maori culture and crazy geothermal activities (boiling mud, geysers), how could we resist?! First, we made a pit stop at a kiwi farm – tried some kiwi liquor and kiwi wine, and picked up some other goodies. Then, we ended up at a small Maori village (something like going to an Indian reservation) and we were treated to a full tour of the village as well as a show demonstrating Maori song & dance.

*Note on Maori culture: Ancestors of Polynesian people, the Maori are the indiginous people of New Zealand. They have their own culture, traditions and language.