Telstra (phone/internet company here) sucks. I’ve renamed them Hellstra.

Anywho, we finally have our internet connected, so I can post some pics of our holiday!! I’m going to try and post them separately – check out the “Auckland-Sydney Cruise” link above (next to Home and About page links). I have so many pictures to sort through, so be patient 🙂 What I can tell you, though, is that a cruise vacation is awesome.
In fact, I think that’s what we’ll do when we get married 😉 Haha!

What else? Well, it’s Cyclone Sease here – for those who have been through Hurricane Season, it’s similar. The past week it’s been raining a lot. A LOT. The beaches have been closed, and most of the nice white beaches are now washed away. And, the water turned coffee-colored because the stormwater from the hinterland was dumping into the ocean.
Here’s a pic from Burleigh Beach this weekend:

With the rain, we also spent a day at the movie theatre watching National Treasure 2 and No Country for Old Men. But, we didn’t let the rain get us down completely. In order to bring our last weekend before going back to work to an official close, we decided to head out to Wet N Wild. We made our way there, but the lines looked pretty long, so we decided to wait a bit. In the meantime, we made our way up to the Mt. Tamborine area, which is just a few exits north. We stopped off to check out a rainforest walk, and anyone who saw us must have thought we were crazy – we were hiking in our bathing suits and flip flops!

These Havianas are made for walking…that’s just what they’ll do… haha!

Anywho, back to work we go now!!