We set out to get my parents off to Brisbane airport on the morning of the 27th, and BAM! our truck decides to blow up! Well, not literally. But, might as well have seeing as how it’s pretty much useless now. Some belt snapped and created a domino effect of other problems, so we’re now stuck with the task of getting our truck out of our hands and finding a new ride. Seriously. This couldn’t have held off for a few more months, weeks!?

On another note, JP and I are in our new place. Although not as picture-esque as Burleigh fo’ sho’, Broadbeach has its upsides so far. One, we are walking distance to the mecca of restaurants/cafes. Also, the mall is walking distance. Of course, I’m not sure these are really benefits – at least not to our wallets.

We’re still waiting for our new place to have internet access, so posts are still going to be short and sweet for now 🙂 Hopefully, pics of our NZ trip and details will be coming soon, though!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Holiday!!!! And, if we don’t get back before the new year, Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!