So, what’s new? Well…

1. We’re about to be homeless, kind of. The owner of our unit is moving back in – this is like deja vu of our situation in Jacksonville. Except, this time, we’re in Australia, and it’s holiday season. Fortunately, though, we think we have secured a new place. Details will follow if all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed.

What a shitty time to have to move, huh!? Seriously, we’re both slammed as we are trying to wrap up all of our work-related stuff; make sure we have everything in place for our NZ trip; finish our Christmas shopping and get everything mailed out; find a place to live…. Whoa. I’m tired just writing all that. Some people live for stress and long to-do lists. Not me.

2. We saw INTO THE WILD this weekend. The movie was recommended by a friend, then the same week I saw director Sean Penn talking about the movie on Oprah. A sign? I thought so. And, seeing as how JP is on the Reading Rainbow….take a look…it’s in a book…a reading raaaiinnboww…sorry, got off track there. Anywho, JP has been a reading machine lately, and his tastes have been mostly fiction, travel-related stories. Since INTO THE WILD was based on fiction (INTO THE WILD by Jon Krakauer) and involved travel – I made him go with me to see it.
And? It was awesome. Plus, the soundtrack was a fantastic dose of Eddie Vedder; it was like hearing from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a while who returned to serenade me with beautiful lyrics. The movie made me wish I were more adventurous, but it inspired me to keep on keepin’ on. You know.

3. Paid a Telstra (internet) bill for $34.97. But, the amount pulled from our account – $3,497.00 Big OOPS!, huh!? It could have been my fault, it could have been Telstra’s. I don’t want to point fingers, but I do want to point out that a dire situation like this is not so easily resolved in Australia. Things move very slowly here… After stressing the the situation to the customer service lady, all should be straightened out this week.

Lesson learned: check, double check, and triple check where your DECIMAL is.

4. We received a letter from teh Department of Immigration & Citizenship today.

This letter acknowledges the receipt by DIAC of the following application on 18th September 2007.

Notice, the letter we received TODAY – December 3rd – is acknowledging the application they received from us in September. Anywho, it’s good news nonetheless.

5. We got sea lice this weekend.