At least, that’s what I’m guessing the latest gaggle of Australian architects are thinking.

With views like the ones here on the Gold Coast, it’s a no-brainer that people want to enjoy them. So, when they’re building/renovating their home/office, they really bring on the glass. And I have a love/hate thing for this style. On one hand, I mean, I like glass. It’s clear, shiny – and in many cases here, it’s blue. Who doesn’t like clear and shiny?!

But, on the other hand, so square?! It makes me think of geometry. And I hated my 10th grade geometry class. (The teacher 1) took my brush away (though not as traumatizing as my physics teacher who took my Honeycombs); 2) made people do wall sits; and 3) forced the class to make kites out of ridiculous geometrical figures.)

Maybe the oh-so-modern-yet-kind-of-lacking-soul architecture here is evidence of some new architectural period that Australia is going through. It’s modern. It’s a little Bauhaus. It’s very GC. Hehe. (“Very GC” is like the Gold Coast’s slogan – it’s on buses, on commercials, in advertising…)