a. Fun night out

b. Full stomach

c. Indigestion

d. Hangover


So, J is loving some Indian food lately, so we went out to indulge in his latest love. We went up to Broadbeach, picked up a nice spicy shiraz at the bottle shop, then headed to the first Indian restaurant we saw. We ordered: saffron rice, naan (bread), butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. And, everything was really good. The butter chicken had a little kick, but nothing too crazy. The naan bread was yum-o. (Really, what bread isn’t yum-o?! People who don’t eat carbs are insane.)

I did get a little sick later that night, but we’ll not dwell on the negative here. The positive is that we tried something new. (Well, not totally new…we went to an Indian restaurant in Jacksonville.) And, Indian food is pretty popular here, so…when in Rome!