VegepukeVegemite is healthy. I get that, really. I mean, we could all use a little extra Vitamin B, right? But, do you know what Vegemite is made from? Well, let me tell you…because I just learned this myself from a local bloke.

In 1922, a Melbourne man called Fred Walker (who started the Fred Walker Company which eventually became Kraft Foods Limited in Australia) had the bright idea of using yeast extract left over from the manufacture of beer to create a wonderful source of vitamin B and a tasty new spread that every Australian will grow up with.
And then, there are various veggie and spice additives mixed in.

Yeast extract left over from the manufacturing of beer + veggies!? Talk about recycling. However, I think I would rather drink warm beer and eat day-old celery sticks.

And, Aussie’s Vegemite is not to be confused with Marmite. Although also a vegetarian treat made from beer by-products, Marmite is a British foodstuff described as the “sweeter” version of Vegemite. (I’m taking other people’s word here; I cannot commit to doing any more research – other than the bite of Vegemite I had on Day 2 of our Australia adventure – just for the sake of improving today’s blog.)

Also noteworthy yet kind of off subject, today both Vegemite and Marmite are produced in Australia by The Sanitarium Health Food Company – a food manufacturer that’s owned by The Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church promotes a plant-based diet of fruit, vegetable, grains, nuts and seeds as designed by God, our Creator. Worldwide, the Church operates health food industries and health-care services based on this philosophy. Research conducted by the American Medical Association in 2001, concluded that Adventists have higher life expectancy by seven years in men and four years in women as a result of healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

(And I always thought that talk about using the “plants” that Mother Earth has given us was referring to…. Haha!!)

It was at an internationally famous Seventh-day Adventist hospital and health spa in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, Sanitarium superintendent, and Will Keith Kellogg, his younger brother and business manager, invented many grain-based foods.

Perhaps, if Vegemite took cues from Heinz and introduced a more appealing-colored Vegemite, I might give it another go. Maybe a rasberry colored spread. Or, golden honey…you know, like a beer. But, dark brown spread!? I’ll pass for now…or until I am suffering from a Vitamin B deficiency.

So, there is some 411 for you on this Monday. Have a great one!