Oh, I have some blogger block. Maybe it’s because I recently woke up, and my coffee is still too hot to allow it to seep into my body. Anywho, I guess a general update and mention of some things on my mind will have to do for today…

-In exactly one month, we’re leaving for Auckland! How do you spell excited? C-R-U-I-S-E!!!

-We still haven’t heard anything new on our Visa status. Therefore, next week we’ll be making a trip to the Immigration office (in Brisbane, I think) to get a Bridging Visa B, which will allow us to temporarily leave AU (for our cruise to NZ). Of course, my dad reminded me to get this done ASAP. (Background story: after I graduated college, I decided to go to Europe with a friend. Something went wrong with my application for a passport, and…long story short, my dad and I ended up in Miami at the Immigration office on the day BEFORE I was leaving to EU so that I could get my passport in order. That’s what Dad’s do…Thanks, Dad!!)

-Speaking of family, my nephew, J, just kicked arse in school & football! He got straight A’s and managed to have an amazing year on the local football team. They went to the playoffs, and I wish I could have seen some games – next year, J! Congrats!!

-Wow! We have almost 5,000 hits on our blog! That’s awesome. I figured it would just be our immediate family reading, but I guess a few more people have stumbled by.

-Our time in Australia has passed the Five-Month Mark! It’s funny how quickly one becomes adapted to new surroundings (if you allow yourself to, that is). Although there are tons of things I miss about the US, it’s not like I’m dying without them. Most of them are trivial anyway – except Family.

-We’re going bowling this week with some friends. And, it’s “ten pin” bowling – not to be confused with “lawn” bowling. Ten pin bowling is so common in the US, but no so here in AU. It’s more like something special/different to do – for instance, for a corporate event, or hen’s party (bachelorette party).

-I’ve been doing some extra editing for my SIL in Portland this week. She’s started a new business venture, On Call – Pet Services, and I think she’s hit a niche market and will do very well. So, thought I would give her a little shout out here. (Oh, hope you don’t mind, NK!) If you’re in the Portland area and looking for a professional to provide various Pet Services, look to On Call – Pet Services.

-My new camera is so fetch! It gives me the same feeling as when I’m using my Wusthof knife – like I’m a pro! Hahaha! I’m certainly not a pro yet, but I hope to get in a lot of practice with it before our cruise. We checked out some beaches in New South Wales last weekend (I posted some pics on Flickr), and I got to play around with it a bit more. I gave a go at using the different shutter speeds, ISO levels, focusing, etc…. There’s so much to learn!

that’s JP surfing! We were in Kingscliffe, NSW…and the waves were crazy and huge!
jp surfing

beach/sky shot