There’s a weekly show in Australia called The Chaser’s War on Everything. As the name suggests, they humorize and satirize, well, everything.

The level of “political correctness” varies greatly between the US and Australia. While being so politically incorrect is foreign to my lil’ American ears and sometimes makes me gasp in silence, I have to admit, it’s also a little refreshing. Being “politically correct” is sometimes, just another way of “trying to please everyone.” And, we should know that it’s impossible to make ALL happy (really, making ourself happy is hard enough). For everyone that wants to be called a Purple Hornet, there’s someone else that would prefer Violet Wasp. (Whatever that means…you get my point, though!?)

In any event, here’s a clip from The Chaser’s War on Everything where the hosts give their analysis of the US’ FOX News. It’s quite funny, and if you’re a FOX News fan…well, you probably shouldn’t watch 🙂 On second thought, maybe you should watch – because the skit is just meant to be funny. If you can’t laugh a little, you need to work on that. (Keep in mind, though, the show does an equally good job ripping up their own news stations, too!) All’s fair in…media and comedy!?