I have to stop myself from saying, “Damn, that’s expensive!” after making every purchase. It’s just the price you pay in Australia, which of course includes a 10% GST. Here’s an example of the price of goods here (I have my last shopping docket (receipt) on my desk, hence this post):

Campbell’s can of soup – $2.89
Newman’s pasta sauce – $4.99
Cheddar cheese (shredded, 250g) – $3.52
Doz. eggs – $3.29
2L milk – $2.62
red delicious apples – $2.97/kg
broccoli – $2.99/kg
red capsicum – $2.79/kg
bananas – $6.98/kg
eschallots (green onions) – $1.49
kiwifruit – $0.25/each


For those of you who don’t cook, restaurant prices vary as they do in any location. You can still go to Macca’s or Hungry Jack’s (McD’s/Burger King) for some $5 meals, or you can hit up a take away spot or go for a sit-down meal. Of course, all meals include the standard 10% GST.

at the local Chinese/Malaysian restaurant:
-short soup (wonton) – $4.80
-Chicken w/Vegetable – $11.80

at the local Pizza place:
-Vegetarian pizza (tomato, cheese, mushies, olives, capsicum, onions) – med $13.90/ lg $16.90
-spaghetti bolognese – sml $9.90/ lg $14.90
-1.25 litre soda – $3.50

at the local Mexican hut:
-1 carne (shredded beef) taco – $4.50
-Chicken burrito, w/rice & beans – $16.95
-bowl of rice – $2.50


For goods other than food, here’s a sample of prices at the local chemist (think, Walgreens):

-Claratyne (Claritin), 30 tabs – $22.59
-Nivea body lotion, 250ml – $4.49
-Gillette Venus women’s razor – $9.99


And, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s – $42.99