I love Halloween. It means that when I walk into Publix instead of being greeted by this week’s canned goods special, I’m welcomed by witches and goblins and huge bags of Snickers and Smarties.

Well, that’s not so much the case in Australia. So, I was kind of homesick to see and hear about friends and fam dressed up as bees and race car drivers. Although Halloween is gaining a bit more popularity Down Under as the years go on, it’s stilll not celebrated to the 9s as it is in the US. Trick-or-treating is rare, and if done, usually limited to suburban neighborhoods. On Halloween night, JP and I were walking around Burleigh and saw one group of families at a local restaurant, and some of the kids were in costume. Well, if you can call it a “costume” – it was more like, some paint on the face, one girl had a witch hat on (no broom, no cloak, just a hat). And, I saw some older kids (teens) that were walking around with what I though was a mask, but as they walked past me, I realized it was just a garbage bag with eyes and mouth holes cut out. A garbage bag!?

But, no worries, I did get a small does of Halloween – I went with a friend to a sneak peek of a new Haunted House attraction that’s opening in Surfer’s Paradise.

Anywho, the lack of Halloween has me thinking about how we’re going to get through Thanksgiving here. I have yet to see turkey for sale anywhere – a grocery store, a butcher, a restaurant. We’ll see how it goes.