On Saturday, we hit up the beach for a bit in the morning. Then, we hopped on the train to Brisbane to check out Oktoberfest! Gotta love some wheat beers…mmm, Tucher, Blue Moon…so good with that hint of citrus to them 😉 The fest was filled with German beer, schnitzel, drunken Aussies and to my surprise, a crowd-pleasing rendition of John Denver’s “Take me home, Country Roads.” I never imagined I would be at Oktoberfest – in Australia – listening to a crowd sing “…take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia…” See, music does bring the people together! haha!
And, it was good to see the local police force out and about doing their job, as you can see from this picture:

My dad always told me, “You know, the cops aren’t there just to arrest you!” So true. They are also here to take pictures with you, and eat German food with you….haha!

On Sunday, it was another day at the beach. (My sunscreen consumption has increased 10x while being here!) Given the serious winds, the kiteboarders were out giving quite a show and JP is now convinced to add “kiteboarding” to his resume.