Some days I wonder, “Really, how did I end up here?” (‘Here’ being Australia.) I know the logistical answer, of course – flight from PBI to PDX (got to get in some fam time!), from PDX to SFO, and then nonstop SFO to SYD.
But, I think that there had to be some seed in my subconscious that gave way to this adventure.
And, my best guess for today, Madonna. I was 13 and I remember sitting in my living room, watching Madonna’s 1993 “Girlie Tour” on tv, which was filmed…in Australia. I don’t remember how (I think an Xmas gift one year) or when I got the concert on DVD, but I can tell you that I know every 120 minutes of that DVD by heart! I must have watched it at least on a weekly basis during college (sorry, roomies & Justin!). So, I think some little part of that somehow morphed into an idea that I should one day go to Australia….and, so here I am.

(Really, I was just sitting here thinking about how much I really hope M tours in 2008.)

Check out a clip of M’s performance from her 1993 Girlie Tour —

from 2004 Confessions tour — (one of my fave performances/songs!)

from 2001 Drowned World tour —