Oh, boo it’s Monday! (Why is Friday the only day of the week to get a cool acronym?!)

Anywho, so we sold the ol’ VW Kombi van :(*** It just wasn’t a good fit for us. That, and the fact that it broke down on us within 5k of driving it out of the parking lot! The van was so awesome, but I think we were booty blinded by its coolness. With Justin having to make the drive up to Brissy for work, and since we are not the most car savvy couple – the van had to go.

But, the good news is that we have found a new whip! We picked up a ’91 Toyota Hilux Surf last weekend – which is basically just a Toyota 4Runner. So the new car is still old, but not quite as old as the Kombi. Another good thing is that this ride is 4×4…so we can take it out on the beaches, and it’s much more suitable for “seeing” Australia. I can’t wait to test it out in a few weeks when we head up to Straddie Island!

Hopefully this ride holds up for us!