Dear Jimadores, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville,

I’m sorry, I had to see someone else.  I went to Montezuma’s – a local Mexican restaurant here in Burleigh – the other night for the second time .  But, if I might say, they still pale in comparison.  For one, there’s hardly any grease in their food.  What’s a taquito if not slightly-too-greasy-yet-oh-so-good?  Second, the Aussies haven’t quite got the hang of Margaritas or Sangria.  Despite the good looks of the light red goodness that swished around in the carafe I ordered, it was all a façade. 

As for the food, well I don’t actually remember what I ordered, but it was good.  My dinner even came with a salad.  Not the lettuce-tomato-guacamole salad like you serve, Jimadores.  No, this was a little dish of finely chopped cauliflower, celery, broccoli….  It was good, but an odd match.  I didn’t like eating such a healthy dish while sucking down margaritas and rice and beans.  I miss your Vegetarianas Enchiladas…

And, Jimadores, you wouldn’t believe the staff at Montezuma’s!  Everyone is white – and likely, doesn’t speak any Spanish.  You know, even though my favorite waiter at Jimadores once told me that I looked like a character from a Street Fighter video game, I let it slide because it sounded like a compliment given his Spanish accent.  At Montezuma’s, I’m sure the only Spanish their staff knows is what’s on the menu.  #14 – Muchachos.  #21 – Gringo.  Well, there was the one server that had “El Buena Vida” tattooed on her back… 

Anywho, we will cross paths again, Jimadores.  Someday.  Until then, stay yummy – stay cheap – stay awesome.