It’s Monday night here in Australia, and I just finished watching the Emmys.  Well, a nicely edited one-hour version of the Emmys.  It was fine, though, since I hardly know any of the tv shows nominated or the actors in them – aside from what I catch in the goss mags.  Now, I have seen an episode or two of The Office, and that s**t is funny.  I don’t know why I haven’t picked that show up earlier.  The Real World or some other MTV reality show that I vowed I-would-never-watch-again-but-still-do must have been on.  Someday, when I have cable agin, I’m going to make a mental note to check out 30 Rock and the final season of The Sopranos.  Maybe Entourage as well, but it’s been on for a while now, right?  And I still haven’t checked it out, so…chances are looking slim….  Anywhoooo, watching the Emmys also reminded me that Ryan Seacrest is a dork, a dork with bad highlights. 

The really great thing about the Emmys was that Brian and Stewie scored the opener!  Oh, how I miss Family Guy

Hope you all had a great weekend!