Some friends and I started a quote book back in college, and to this day, I continue to add to it.  We have everything from Tom Petty and Sublime lyrics to quotes from infamous politicians and authors.  I think I have a few from the general masses as well, you know, some person at some house party some night some time ago – “Mosquitos give you protein” (Ridiculous)  Or, “She looked like IHOP at 4 a.m.”  (Funny at the time…and I guess still pretty funny if you know anything about IHOP at 4 a.m.!  I’m sure the same is true for Waf l Ho se – you know all the letters never light up on any Waffle House sign!)    

Anywho, I was reading a book about Oscar Wilde’s life and came across this quote of his that I will add to my little book as well:

 “The soul is born old but grows young.  That is the comedy of life. 

And the body is born young and grows old.  That is life’s tragedy”