OK, I’m over three months into this Australia adventure, and I think it’s time for another quick TIM (things I miss) list:

1. Publix.  

With your spacious aisles, shoe-wearing customers and well-designed store brand foodstuffs, I miss you.

2. Pizza.

While thin crust and BBQ sauce are pleasant pizza options, I can’t wait for an oversauced, stuffed crust slice.

3. Yellow cheese.

Not because I’m a particularly big cheese fan (in fact, I didn’t really connect with cheese on a level higher than Macaroni and Cheese until maybe four years ago or so), but it’s what I’m used to seeing.  All cheese here seems to be white. 

4. Heinz Ketchup. 

Unlike cheese, ketchup and I go waaayy back.  The ‘tomato sauce’ here is just not the same. 

5. “Bless you.”

Aachoo!  Crickets.  Nothing.  Can I get a “Bless you”!?!?