President Bush, that’s who. 

W himself (well, him and his 500+ entourage) will be in Sydney tonight to join in the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) festivities.  A few Sydnesiders are up in arms over PM John Howard’s decision to hold the APEC in town – it’s costing them a small fortune to host these world leaders.  They have to be transported, secured, fed and most importantly, entertained.  What’s an APEC meeting in Australia without at least one visit to a crocodile park!?  

I think President Bush is the first of the attendees to arrive in Sydney, so the news is all over this like white on rice.  They’ve covered his flight into Sydney (Air Force One, back up plane to AFO, plane carrying cars that the Bush Entourage will drive, etc….); they’ve covered his movement from the airport to his first destination; his overall agenda was touched on; and finally, they’ve interviewed the locals who are protesting W’s arrival.  

Should be interesting to say the least.