Labor Day. Americans have been enjoying a day off of work on the first Monday of September since the 1880s. (Yes, I googled that; I don’t actually know relevant historical facts like that. My brain reserves most knowledge of random facts for Madonna trivia, song lyrics and definitions of words like portmanteau) But, there will be no Labor Day for us – not this year anyway. Instead, Justin and I are going to spread our usual two-day non-laborious activity over the course of three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Holla! The reason: it’s Show Day on the Gold Coast. Basically, the Gold Coast Show is like a county fair of some sort. All I can think of is the horrible jingle from the Alachua County fair ads. We’re going to the fair…the Alachua County Fair…. (I know the Gainesvegas and Jaxvillian people feel me on this.)

Anywho, whatever, it’s a day off! I’m not sure if we’ll go to the Gold Coast Show. On one hand, I feel we should at least check it out to feel more at one with our new community. On the other hand, the event description is a little too 4-H for me – Australian Rodeo, Homecraft & Visual Art Displays, Woodchopping championships (well, that could be interesting…an Aussie Paul Bunyan?) and Horse events-Showjumping and Dressage. I didn’t know horses needed to get dressed. I bet they shop at Gap.

Oh, speaking of horses (now, I don’t get to say that too often), Australia is experiencing it’s FIRST-EVER outbreak of Equine Flu. I think Australia has some of the toughest quarantine rules in the world, in effect to prevent situations like this as the economy is set to lose millions of billions. The situation has left all the gamblers rushing to think of what to bet their money on now. I could pay down my mortgage…No, give me $50 that Britney Spears gets pulled over again this week. Put $20 on Brangelina adopting a new kid in the next 30 days – a girl. Hmm, I’ve got $5 on it.