Oh, the scandal. One of the top news stories in Oz has a slightly Clinton-esque feel to it; just replace the Oval Office with Scores nightclub in NYC, and recast Clinton as Kevin Rudd, Leader of the Australian Labor Party. Apparently, the story is that Mr. Rudd attended the legendary Scores strip club – four years ago! (Read an article from the Sydney Morning Herald here.)
Waiting for the scandalous part? Yeah, me too. Rudd confirmed he was indeed at Scores and yes, he was a bit drunk and it was a stupid idea, but nothing “inappropriate” happened there.
Now, unlike the Clinton & What’s-her-name saga (I’m totally drawing a blank on her name right now), it seems Aussies are taking the Rudd story with a grain of salt. It’s petty politics, but they aren’t making mountains into molehills over it.
Current leader, John Howard, commented, “I’ve got nothing to say about it; I don’t intend to go there.” Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said, “I remember being at one [a strip club]…and I suspect there are many Australian men, and increasing numbers of women, that have done so as well.” And, an Aussie senator, Bob Brown, commented, “Four years ago, John Howard – sober – took Australia into the Iraq war. I think the electorate could judge which one did the more [sic] harm.”
OOOhh, snap!