Who: CK and store employee
When: last week, Thursday
Where: @ Big W (Wal-Mart)
CK: Oh, hi. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find some rubbing alcohol.

Big W employee: Hi. Oh, we don’t sell any alcohol here. Maybe try LiquorLand.

CK: Excuse me?

BWe: LiquorLand. It’s down at the other end of the mall…

CK: Oh. No, I mean rubbing alcohol. Not for drinking, but for, like, cleaning or disinfecting stuff…

BWe: Sorry. I’m not sure what you….

CK: How about hydrogen peroxide? Like, what do you use when you cut yourself or have a scrape? Something to clean them with…

BWe: Maybe try looking in the cleaning products area.

CK: Um, ok. Thanks, yeah, I’ll check there.

BWe: No worries!