Politics. Poop-atics. As both the US and Australia are busy doing the Campaign Shuffle, it seems that the top requirements to become a nation’s leader are identical – 1) Able to shake hands for extended periods of time, and 2) Able to read stories to children. Can’t they be more creative? I would love to see some pics of Mitt Romney at a BBQ in Tallahassee surrounded by Southern Baptists; or John Howard playing rugby with kangaroos; or maybe a snapshot of Clinton getting her nails done by the Vietnamese (all legal, of course!) in the local mall. Now that, would be interesting.

Anywho, enough.

Today, the sun has decided not to come out and play, so I’ve been holed up doing work and listening to bands of which I have either never heard of or don’t own any of their CDs – The Decemberists, Cat Power, The Bird and The Bee, Wilco. I have to remind myself that music beyond Madonna exists, and so I go searching for new tunes. In doing so, I’ve discovered NPR’s Live Concert Series. There’s the monotonous voice of the host (from All Songs Considered) who thankfully just does a quick intro and outro of each performance, so I can overlook this. There are a lot of good performances on their website, so check it out here.