As an American in Australia, I find many of the same things I see back in the U.S. – bad drivers, fashion faux paus, McDonald’s and Brazilians. Although similar, they’re just a little different Down Under. Bad drivers, sure! But they’re on the left side of the road. Those fashion faux paus I mentioned earlier, definitely! While emo kids around America are testing the boundries of “tight” jeans and bad haircuts, the Aussie are taking a stab at it with girls in pinafores and old men in 2m of cloth they are passing off as a “bathing suit.” McDonald’s (locally referred to as Macca’s) are everywhere in Oz, too, but here they have yummy lattes that are served in real cups. And the Brazilians, well, they’re the same.

Anywho, here’s a list of a few other things about Australia that I’m catching on to or still perplexed about:

1. The (Aussie) English language. Centre, tyre, flavour, generalisations…. Everywhere I go, I see typos! Damn, Noah (not the Noah with the ark, but the Noah with the dictionary). How did he decide that dropping letters and changing Zs to Ss would convey American superiority? That’s some 18th Century thinking for ya! I could go on about their placement of prepositions and such….but, lucky for you all, I won’t 🙂

2. Restaurant tipping. Yeah, they don’t really do it here. Some places will have a tip jar near the cashier, like you would find at the counter of Starbucks. Most of the places I’ve dined at, though, don’t even have a line to add tip if you use plastic.

3. Going barefoot. Maybe I just love my Reefs. Maybe I just don’t like the way concrete feels. Either way, I’m just not a barefoot-walking-girl. Never was. On the beach, sure, but going grocery shopping? Shoes, please.

4. Doubles/Triples. The first time I heard this, I was totally thrown off. Let me take back the totally, because this isn’t rocket science that I’m about to describe. But, it is odd to hear as an American. For example, if my phone number is 4033 3122, I would say, “Four, zero, triple three, one, double two.” And while we’re talking about numbers, all dates are expressed “day/month/year” versus “month/day/year.” (There are at least a few forms that I’ve filled out here where my birthday is Jan 04, 1980. Damn, I just aged three months!)

5. Bloody, bastard, dodgy, f**k. I love the fact that these extra-emotional words (I think “curse” word sounds so harsh!) are used so often here.

That’s it for now….Hugs and stuff to everyone!