Sunday – we finally made our way to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 10 mins south of us. You know, in America, we have animals like bears, lions, cougars – large animals that could rip your arms off and kill you. (And you wonder why I haven’t done much camping?!) Meanwhile, in Oz, they have killers that you can barely see – spiders, scorpions, frogs, snakes. Ahh, America, where even the animals that could kill you are bigger! That may be, but you won’t find anything as cute as this:


In addition to kangaroos, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has koalas, wombats, dingos, crocs, lots of snakes and frogs, and tons of crazy birds from eagles and pelicans to cockatoos and budgies. We also – finally! – got to see some koalas in ACTION! (Note*Signs posted politely informed us that, Koalas are NOT ‘bears.’ Just Koalas. ) I know they sleep like 23 hours a day or something, so I’m not expecting much from them. But, today, there was one lil’ guy that was, according to the sanctuary worker, a teenager and just testing his dominance skills. Or something like that. Anywho, soo cute!

**On another note, they started showing “Futurama” on one of the channels we get! Yaaaaay!!