The wheels on the bus go round and round

Round and round, round and round

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the town!


We have been bumped from a duo to a trio!  Tonight, we welcomed home our new-to-us 1974 VW Kombi bus!  Although we picked Blue (we haven’t picked out an official name yet!) up on Saturday, the fun was shortlived.  I think we made it 5K down the road and POP! the clutch cable broke.  Not off to a good start, you say?  You can say that again!  It was one of those situations where even Maria straight outta’ The Sound of Music singing “I have Confidence” would have been singing a different tune.  (What?  Like you don’t reference musicals to get you through tough situations?)  

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Anywho, we discovered the clutch cable snapped, and we had to promptly send our new ride to the mechanic.  Sounds so easy, right?  No.  Breaking down on a Saturday or Sunday is definitely not a good thing.  Nine out of 10 shops are closed.  We finally found Brian’s Auto Centre, but they couldn’t get the job done that day.  Fine.  Monday?  Fine. 

Monday.  Finally!!  So, here we are with our bus safely parked in our car park.  What’s she like so far?, you ask.  

DOB: 1974 (approx 63K)

Color: blue

Body type: VW Kombi campervan with pop-top       

Muscles: 4-speed manual with water-cooled 4-cylinder Nissan motor (the original VW motors were air-cooled)

Interior: 2 bucket seats up front, small bench in back, fridge, 2 batteries, sink, lots of cupboards. 


We’ll see how long this relationship lasts.  The fact that she’s older and already broke down on us has put her a tad on our shit list, but we’re open-minded people and always about giving 2nd chances and what not.  So, she’s on probation for now.  Keep your fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here on out!  Who knows, though, we could be driving a Ford Falcon next week!  (Yes, that’s Ford Falcon.  They are wildly popular here!)